Sam Sussman is a writer who has won the BAFTA New Writing Contest, been featured at Cannes, and published in The Forward, Haaretz, Dissent, Asia Times, Huffington Post, and more. He is also the founder of Extend, an initiative that introduces Israeli and Palestinian human rights activists to American audiences. Sam holds degrees from Swarthmore and Oxford.

Read Sam’s latest article in The Forward: "Our journey from September 11 into Iraq, guided by alternative facts and Islamophobic overtones and a decidedly America First demagoguery, seems in retrospect the first signs of illiberalism now ascendant in the Trump Era...The time for a different story about September 11 —one that includes not only the suffering of American innocents but also the suffering of Iraqi innocents killed in their name— is now.”

Read Sam’s recent short story in the Oxford Review of Books. “They say not to imagine the details. You have to close your eyes and see only darkness. The details will undo you.”

Sam has been supported by the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship, Frank Five Fellowship, American Middle East Network for Dialogue at Stanford, Pembroke Research Grant, Leedom Fellowship for Academic Excellence, J. Roland Pennock Fellowship, and Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford.

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