Extend offers immersive programs in Israel, West and East Jerusalem, and the West Bank that introduce American Jewish audiences to Israeli and Palestinian human rights leaders. Extend has been called “the most thought-provoking trip of my life,” “a model for interacting with Israel–Palestine,” and “intensive, balanced, and horizon-broadening.” Extend has been featured at the United Nations, the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford, the Oxford Union, and Swarthmore College’s Frank Five Program. Learn more at Extendprograms.org.

'One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 10,000 non-Jews': Why More U.S. Jews Will Walk Off Birthright This Summer

Haaretz, July 2018

Instead of demonizing its critics, Birthright should meet young American Jews where they are: deeply connected to Israel, but also concerned for its Palestinian neighbors who do not yet share the freedom Israelis enjoy. Read the full article in Haaretz.

"The places a regular Birthright tour doesn’t take you"

Haaretz, January 2014

Renowned Israeli journalist Gideon Levy spends a day with Extend in Ramallah. Full Article in Haaretz.

Why Won’t Birthright Show Us Israeli Democracy?

The Forward, November 2017

While we had grown up worlds apart, Wadeea and I developed a close friendship. We often stayed up late into the night, debating the relative merits of Sayed Kashua and F. Scott Fitzgerald, or talking about different cultural approaches to love, community and pick-up basketball. But American Jews who join Birthright will never meet Wadeea — for no other reason than that he’s a Palestinian citizen of Israel. Read the full article at The Forward.

"The West Bank by Bus"

Salon, August 2014

Last year, two young Jewish Americans began leading educational tours of the troubled Palestinian territory. But their ambitions are bigger than bus trips. Full article in Salon.

"Understanding the Other Side of Our Birth Right"

Huffington Post, September 2014

Extend alum Jai Retter reflects on her experience with Extend for the Huffington Post. Full article at the Huffington Post.